Hello World of 2016!

A lot has happened since I’ve released anything new on this blog. For example a new server, which hopefully means better overall performance across the site, maybe even new features in the future. As for my personal life, I’ve finished a trainee period at eCraft Oy Ab and I’m now an employee. I’ve also moved from Mikkeli to Helsinki, which was quite a big change, but a necessary one. No regrets whatsoever about that one. I’ll see if I can make the Midsummer Betting (Juhannusveikkaus) happen this year too, it’s been 3 years since the last one. Both this and the betting site need a facelift, but at least the functionality is there.

Some of the things planned for future posts:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 / Orange Pi PC stuff (Emulation-Station, opinions etc.)
  • Assembly Summer 2016 reports and news (I’ll be a technical support / crew member @ TubeCorner this summer)
  • Some Android stuff like recommended apps, maybe some LG G2 custom ROM stuff as well
  • Personal life stuff now that more than just unemployment is happening
  • Your ideas – I’m open for suggestions on what kind of stuff to cover here, leave a comment or write an email to me

2016 seems to be a good year, hopefully the positive things last till the end of the year.