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Yet another game added to Humble Indie Bundle 3: Atom Zombie Smasher

This can almost be considered as blogspam, but the HIB3 deal got even better once again. Atom Zombie Smasher has been added to the bundle so if you’ve bought your bundle already, AZS can be found on your personal download… Continue Reading →

League of Legends Season Two to Feature a $5 million Prize Pool

The new League of Legends Season Two will feature probably the biggest prize pool in eSports history, $5 million! Official news below. Summoners! With League of Legends fans setting viewership records in the Western world for the League of Legends Season… Continue Reading →

The International Dota 2 tournament at Gamescom – prize pool of one million dollars!

Gamescom is an annually organized trade fair for video games, held in Cologne, Germany. Gamescom is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware. It’s the largest games event with a quarter million… Continue Reading →

The Humble Voxatron Debut

Ja jälleen kerran Humble Bundlea… Tällä kertaa tarjous alkoi yhdellä pelillä, johon bundlen nimikin perustuu: Voxatron Alpha. Kyseessä on Voxatron-nimisen pelin alphaversio, eli kyseessä ei ole valmis versio, vaan kehitysversio. Diili kuitenkin on, että pelin kun on kerran ostanut, kuuluu… Continue Reading →

The Humble Bundle for Android

The Humble Bundle on taas vauhdissa, tällä kertaa tarjolla on pelejä, jotka ovat saatavilla Androidin lisäksi myös perinteisille alustoille eli Windows, Mac ja Linux. Tarjolla on EDGE, Osmos, Anomaly sekä yli keskimäärän maksaneille: World of Goo. Ja mikäli historia itseään toistaa… Continue Reading →

Fnatic 100k Fan Celebration

Fnatic juhlii 100 000 faniaan arvonnalla, josta voit voittaa SteelSeriesin tuotepalkintoja. Sinun tarvitsee vain vastata kolmeen helppoon kysymykseen oikein sekä tykätä Fnaticin Facebook-sivusta. Osallistu arvontaan täällä: http://100k.fnatic.com/ref/j0goH

Humble Bundle for Android #2

Kyllä vain, uutta Humble Bundlea pukkaa, tällä kertaa Androidille (ja toki muillekin alustoille löytyy vastaavat pelit…) Yli keskimääräisen maksun maksaneet saavat Swords & Soldiers -pelin. Swords & Soldiers is a vibrant, side-scrolling strategy game making a debut on Linux and Android… Continue Reading →

Humble Bundle for Android #2

Oh yes, yet another Humble Bundle, this time for Android (also includes ports for other platforms of course…) Pay more than the average to get Swords & Soldiers. Swords & Soldiers is a vibrant, side-scrolling strategy game making a debut on Linux… Continue Reading →

Fnatic 100k Fan Celebration

Fnatic are celebrating reaching 100,000 fans by giving away amazing prizes in a raffle. All you need to do is register, answer 3 simple questions and invite your friends to be in with a chance to win some amazing prizes… Continue Reading →

The Humble Bundle for Android

The Humble Bundle is on again, this time offering games that area available on Android as well as the traditional platforms Windows, Mac and Linux. The games available in this bundle are EDGE, Osmos, Anomaly and for those who pay… Continue Reading →

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